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Personal Training


Personal training at PBM Fitness involves a trainer walking you through it all. They'll count your reps and guide your sets. A lot of workouts involve:

-Our cardio bar     -Weights     -Machines     -Exercise ball     -Trampoline


Whether you want muscle toning, core strength, weight loss, or heart health, your trainer creates a custom plan for you to follow when you're in the gym and when you're at home. This plan is created based on your very own wants and needs. Along with this, we set a schedule that will get you to your goal. Monthly weigh-ins and measuring keep us on top of your progress.


A typical workout is an hour long appointment and the number of appointments you have in a week is up to you.


We have experience adjusting activities according to your body's abilities and working at the pace that's right for you. That's why we're able to help everyone, from those with disabilities to advanced athletes. 


The best part is there is no judgment at PBM Fitness.


Before appointments are made, we set up a consultation that is free of charge. During the consultation we make sure that everyone involved is on the same page and comfortable with each other. Setting up a consultation does not require registration or any type of payment.

Plans start at $100/month.






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