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For toning, losing weight, and building strength, we know it takes individual attention to get you there. Challenge your body and see results from our one-on-one training, nutrition counseling, or rehabilitation services.



Your body is like no other. It responds to exercises and foods differently than others do. This is why generic workout plans may not be working. It's not as simple as cardio=weight loss or extra protein+heavy weights=muscles. A PBM personal trainer will work with you to make your workouts the most effective, for the best results. 



We know how foods can work for you and against you. Our knowledge on nutrition is yours. We help you stick to it so we can achieve your goals and go on to making new ones.  No counting calories or weighing food. And no worries, we believe in cheat days!


Get your body back, and own it. We have the experience and ability to work with chronic conditions, surgery recoveries, and sports related injuries. If you have attended physical therapy in the past, this is the perfect follow up. 

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